Abyss attacks are Dark elemental attacks. They deal extra damage to Lightning-type enemies.

Abyss is the second tier of Dark-type skills, preceded by Shadow (first tier) and followed by Dark Matter (third/max tier).

List of Abyss Skills

Name Area of Effect Notes Characters
DarkIconAbyss Arrows(none)Bow attack. Activates when leading.Gaiga
DarkIconAbyss Strike(none)Spear attack. Activates when leading.Sh'berdan, Zenzoze
Area (1)Spear attack. Activates when chaining.Zenzoze
DarkIconAbyss Blade(none)Sword attack. Activates when leading.Velraine, Dark Pegawyrm
DarkIconAbyss(none)Activates when chaining.Mage, Beastfolk Mage, Lizardfolk Mage, Stonefolk Mage
Pincer AreaActivates when chainingZerro, Puprope, Sha'plar, Onyx Dragon
Pincer Area (Row)Activates when chaining.Zerro