Mothbot QueenEdit

Mothbot Queen (Chapter 11-5) StaffIcon
Mothbot Queen Abilities
Paralyzing Dust, Area (1)
LV33 10067 89 106 141 129
Mothbot Queen is one of the easier bosses faced in Terra Battle, primarily because it has no attacking moves. It does, however, have Paralyzing Dust, Area (1), which will paralyze you if you get too close. Because of this, you instead have to look out for the four Bludgeonbots that surround her. Each Bludgeonbot has Drill Launcher, Random, which will send a random attack to any of your characters, and are a level higher with better Attack and Defense stats then Mothbot Queen herself. The recommended path would be to take out the four Bludgeonbots first and when Mothbot Queen is by herself, attack with all you have. Because of her Paralyzing Dust, however, you will be in for a longer fight as a paralyzed character can't attack, until a few turns later.

The use of fire attacks will cause the message, "Cowering from the flames." to appear and leave Mothbot Queen immobilized.

Drops: Lore Particle Lore Particle (20%)


Gigaworm (Chapter 11-10) StaffIcon LightningIcon
Gigaworm Abilities
LightningIcon Thunderstorm, All
Breath Attack, Area (1)
LightningIcon Discharge, Cross (1)
LV35 15211 128 111 138 148
During the battle, Gigaworm will make a powerpoint on every turn after an attack. If it is not used after it is summoned, Gigaworm will consume it and activate its Thunderstorm skill. If Gigaworm does not consume the powerpoint, it will alternate between Discharge and Breath Attack until it does, and will move after every attack.

Drops: Vajra (Item) Vajra (15%)


Stonefiend (Chapter 12-2) SwordIcon FireIcon
Stonefiend Abilities
FireIcon Fiery Breath, Area (1)
FireIcon Fiery Brath, Cross (All)
LV31 10307 126 75 141 99
Stonefiend starts the battle off to the right side of the screen with his two Flails. Stonefiend's two Flails are invincible and any attacks that hit them will always miss. The only way they will be destroyed is the moment Stonefiend is killed, so it is best to only focus on attacking Stonefiend during the fight. As the Flails can move independently of their owner, they will either try to pincer your characters, or activate their Flail, Area (1) attack. This combined with Stonefiend's Fiery Breath, Cross (All) attack make it hard to kill Stonefield without getting damaged immensely. The Flails also have a second attack, Breath Attack, Area (1), however, it is not used in the conventional way most other monsters have it. With the words "Hurled Flail!" appearing, Stonefiend will throw his two Flails into the air at which point they leave the field and random three by three sections of the board will be highlighted red. During this time, if you do not move your characters out of the red tiles, the two Flails will inflict immense damage to you, courtesy of Stonefiend, who will always activate Fiery Breath, Area (1) after the two have landed.

Drops: Flame of Indra Flame of Indra (15%)


??? (Chapter 12-10) SwordIcon
Pepropé Abilities
SwordIcon Slash, Lateral (1)
SwordIcon Sever, Lateral (1)
LV23 8121 139 139 104 162
??? is different from most other bosses in that he faces you on the very first battle. After you do a single attack, he'll respond with, "So that's your answer." before leaving. On the last battle, ??? returns and, after you drop his health down a certain amount, he'll respond with, "Not bad, I must say." before once again leaving the field.

To defeat ???, fight him as you would any other regular enemy. Be careful though, as he will always user Counterattack after a successful pincer.

It should be noted that it is impossible to kill ???. He will always have at least 1 HP left, even if he would have otherwise "died", and will still leave the field with the parting remarks, "So that's your answer." or "Not bad, I must say." depending on where you "kill" him.

Drops: none


Toxoid (Chapter 13-8) SpearIcon
Toxoid Abilities
Dimensional Shift
SpearIcon Stab, Cross (All)
Breath, Area (1)
LV38 21703 157 158 246 239
Every two turns, Toxoid will use Dimensional Shift, which removes two allies from the field, starting from the start of the battle. Every additional Dimensional Shift will bring back the removed allies, in exchange for two other allies.

If you use Darkness attacks on Toxoid, however, Toxoid will be "Bewildered by fear of darkness" and disrupt his Dimensional Shift ability, causing his own allies to be removed from the field instead.

Drops: Wish Particle Wish Particle (20%) Heartwood Bow Heartwood Bow (13%)


Pepropé (Chapter 13-10) SwordIcon
Pepropé Abilities
SwordIcon Slash, Lateral (1)
SwordIcon Sever, Lateral (1)
LV23 7627 123 147 110 172
Unlike the last time you fought him as ???, Pepropé will only fight you during the last battle like other standard bosses. He will use the same skill set as last time and, like your last battle, when you drop his HP below a certain amount, or drop his HP to 1, he will leave with a parting remark. This time, the remark is, "I told you, give up!"

Drops: none

Mechadrake ReduxEdit

Mechadrake Redux (Chapter 14-4) StaffIcon DarkIcon
Mechadrake Redux Abilities
DarkIcon Abyss Breath, Cross (All)
DarkIcon Abyss Breath, Area (1)
SpearIcon Thrust Away, Vertical (2)
DarkIcon Abyss, All
LV43 23047 160 400 169 340
Mechadrake charges for a turn, then alternates between Abyss Breath Cross and Abyss Breath Area, so it is best to keep a distance away from him after he charges up. He may use Thrust Away instead of charging, so it may be best to attack from the sides. When he hits low health, he will lunge at the characters and use Abyss All. There are also 4 Dark Ampcells as well that will both buff the Mechadrake's Darkness damage and try to lock the characters in, making it difficult to escape Mechadrake's wide-reaching attacks.

Drops: Warped Particle Warped Particle (20%) Heartwood Pendant Heartwood Pendant (13%)


Pepropé (Chapter 14-9) SwordIcon
Pepropé Abilities
SwordIcon Slash, Lateral (1)
SwordIcon Sever, Lateral (1)
LV32 8057 154 153 132 178
For your third and final fight against Pepropé, you will fight him three times, one for every battle needed to be cleared for 14-9. Like before, he can not be killed and will flee if his HP goes below a certain amount or drops to 1.

Pepropé will continue to use the same skill set as the last two times you've fought him. However, he now has extra stuff to his fight patterns. For the first fight, he will be surrounded by 2 Dark Mechacells, 2 Dark Sparkers, and 2 Regenercells. Pepropé himself has a 4 turn cooldown on him, so durins those 4 turns, wipe out the Regenercells first, as they are the healers of the group, and then deal with the other enemies before you finally face Pepropé. When you defeat him, he will shout, "Ignorant Overworlders!", and disappear.

For the second fight, Pepropé will be surrounded by 4 Dark Mechacells and 4 Dark Sparkers while again having a 4 turn cooldown. Repeat the strategy used from before, ignoring the part about Regenercells to defeat Pepropé. After his second defeat, he will say,"Very well, I concede your strength." and once again disappear.

For the third and final fight, Pepropé will appear in the uppermost row, surrounded by 4 Dark Sparkers, 4 Dark Mechacells, and 3 Dark Archercells. Because of Pepropé's position in the center of the row, the only way of getting to him is to clear out the other enemies surrounding him until you can pincer him in the top row. Pepropé will also have a 5 turn cooldown during this time. When you finally defeat him the last time he will announce, "It is time you learned the truth!" and once again disappear.

Drops: none

Ancient KeyEdit

Ancient Key (Chapter 14-10) StaffIcon
Ancient Key Abilities
Entwine, All
Breath Attack, Area (1)
Life Drain, Random
LV47 30328 137 229 219 292
When Ancient Key's health drops past a certain point, its Life Drain ability will hit all characters. When that happens, it will say, "Your life, give me more..."

It should be noted that the fight with Ancient Key is unique in that it is the only boss so far to be faced with seven characters as Pepropé will join you as an ally for the entirety of 14-10.

Drops: Masamune Masamune (15%)

Ice UrchinEdit

Ice Urchin (Chapter 15-6) SpearIcon IceIcon
Ice Urchin Abilities
IceIcon Ice Thrust, Vertical (3)
IceIcon Icy Aim, Remote
LV46 22994 153 165 186 115
The Ice Urchin relies primarily on vertical attacks to hit the player, so attacking from the sides is the best way to take it out. It can also be poisoned by the traps in the bottom half of the map, which will deal ~10% of its max health every turn.

Drops: Orichalcum Orichalcum (20%)


Megacell (Chapter 15-10) StaffIcon IceIcon
Megacell Abilities
Breath Attack, Area (1)
IceIcon Glacial Breath, 1 Row
Punching Bag, All
IceIcon Glacial Breath, 3 Rows
LV46 10963 158 169 175 143
Megacell starts in the upper center of the screen with one Freeze Sparker and Regenercell below in the columns next to it. As Megacell's elemental attacks only attack horizontally, it is best to attack from the sides. However, the Freeze Sparkers can attack vertically and are positioned to be able to counter attack any who decide to pincer Megacell, while the Regenercell's serve as the enemy healers.To beat Megacell effectively, it is best to kill the Regenercells first, then the Freeze Sparkers, than Megacell itself. When pincering Megacell, be wary of it's Breath Attack, and it's Glacial Breath attack if you decide to pincer horizontally. When the words, "Gathering Strength." appears, Megacell is charging to use it's Punching Bag attack. As it is virtually impossible to dodge, the best option is to attack while Megacell is charging. When the words, "A chill rises." appears, Megacell is charging for it's Glacial Breath, 3 Rows attack and it is best to keep all characters with at least one row in between them and Megacell to avoid getting hit.

Drops: Megacell (5%)

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