Arachnobot (Chapter 6-5) SwordIcon
Arachnobot Abilities
Rake, Area (1)
LV22 12903 82 118 56 121
The Arachnobot has only one attack, but as it's an area attack, it is nearly impossible to not get damaged by it. Joining the Arachnobot is its four Arachnolings who all have Rake, Lateral (1) and Slime, which allows them to trail damaging slime around them. Despite this, they are all level 1 and can't really do much in the damage department when compared to the Arachnobot. However, the Arachnobot, will create four more Arachnolings with the words, "Hatchlings spawned every couple of turns. As that is the case, it is best to try and deal with the Arachnobot first as any Arachnolings left after the Arachnobot's death will automatically perish as well.

Drops: Rainbow Tears Rainbow Tears (10%)

Power PyramidEdit

Power Pyramid (Chapter 6-8) StaffIcon Regen Icon
Power Pyramid Abilities
Energy Refill, Machine
LV18 5103 62 119 256 124
If Power Pyramid is the last enemy remaining, or if it is low on health, it will run away, saying "Insufficient power, fleeing."

This version has a 20% chance of dropping a Metal ticket while it's no-boss counterparts only have a 10% chance of dropping it.

Drops: Metal Ticket Metal Ticket (20%)


Cybergolem (Chapter 6-10) SwordIcon
Cybergolem Abilities
Sleeping Gas, Area (2)
SwordIcon Slash, Lateral (2)
SwordIcon Sever, Lateral (2)
Breath Attack, Area (1)
Defense +20%, Self
LV20 3742 85 120 52 128

Drops: Cybergolem (5%)


Cerberus (Chapter 7-7) SwordIcon FireIcon
Cerberus Abilities
SwordIcon Rend, Lateral (2)
SpearIcon Thrust Away, Vertical (2)
BowIcon Arrow, Cross (1)
FireIcon Scorching Flames, Lateral (2)
FireIcon Scorching Flames, Vertical (2)
FireIcon Scorching Flames, Cross (1)
LV21 8712 89 94 89 78
At the beginning of the battle, Cerberus will be a Sword type and will not move for two turns. Once those turns have passed, it will attack and will only have a one turn cooldown from now on. Be wary as Cerberus will switch between its three heads, which are all a different weapon type, as the battle progresses.

Cerberus will always switch between heads in the order Head 1, Head 2, Head 3, and then back to Head 1. While on Head 1, Cerberus will be a Sword type and will first use Rend, Lateral and then Scorching Flames, Lateral before switching to Head 2. While on Head 2, Cerberus will be a Spear type and will first use Thrust Away, Vertical and then Scorching Flames, Vertical before switching to Head 3. While on Head 3, Cerberus will be a Bow type and will first use Arrow, Cross and then Scorching Flames, Cross before switching back to Head 1 and repeating the pattern.

Drops: Sea Tears Sea Tears (20%)


Mantledrake (Chapter 7-10) StaffIcon FireIcon
Mantledrake Abilities
FireIcon Magma Flow, 1 Column
FireIcon Magma Force, 3 Columns
Breath Attack, Area (1)
LV25 2206 68 57 90 64
The 2 Mantledrakes start 1 space away from the corner behind a wall of magma. The magma can be evaded with Levitation, otherwise you will have to eat the fire damage in order to attack the drakes, since they never leave their rows. Every turn, they will first blow away any units adjacent to them, then they move and cast Magma Flow. If both drakes are ever in the same column, they will use Magma Force, hitting their column as well as the 2 adjacent columns.

Drops: Pelt of Knowledge Pelt of Knowledge, Fire Ring Fire Ring, Mantledrake (5%)


Cyberwyrm (Chapter 8-5) SwordIcon LightningIcon
Cyberwyrm Abilities
Breath, Area (1)
LightningIcon Thunder Breath, Area (1)
LightningIcon Thunder Blade, Lateral (1)
LV23 3752 78 91 83 89
There are four Cyberwyrms in each corner of the field at the start of combat. Cyberwyrm uses Thunder Blade when attacking alone. The Cyberwyrms attempt to assemble in the center of the screen to unleash a powerful attack Thunder Breath. After casting it, they disperse back towards the corners. Thunderbreath can only be used when all four Cyberwyrms are alive.

Drops: Moon Tears Moon Tears (5%), Benevolent Fang Benevolent Fang, Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel


Mechadrake (Chapter 8-10) SpearIcon LightningIcon
Mechadrake Abilities
LightningIcon Discharge, All
LightningIcon Discharge, Area (1)
SpearIcon Thrust Away, Vertical
LV30 11620 81 211 118 238
The words "Recharging" will appear whenever Mechadrake prepares to use an electric attack. On the next turn, either Discharge, Area (1) or Discharge, All will be used. Otherwise, Mechadrake will use Thrust Away, Vertical.

Drops: Gae Bolg Gae Bolg (15%)

Mantle MammothEdit

Mantle Mammoth (Chapter 9-3) SpearIcon FireIcon
Mantle Mammoth Abilities
Ram, Cross (1)
FireIcon Sea of Magma, 1 Row
LV29 7864 107 123 98 134
For this fight, there are two Mantle Mammoths. At the very beginning of the fight, before you can move, one moves to the upper center of the screen while the other moves to the bottom center. At this point, they will begin to charge for their Sea of Magma attack. After they unleash their attack on the next turn, which will cover two rows due to their size, the two will move clockwise to the left center and right center of the screen respectively before using Ram, Cross. The pattern then repeats itself as the two continue to move clockwise.

Drops: Gyros Gyros (15% (?))

Flame UrchinEdit

Flame Urchin (Chapter 9-7) SpearIcon FireIcon
Flame Urchin Abilities
Fiery Thrust, Vertical (2)
LV30 7154 105 102 133 131
Flame Urchin only has one attack, Flame Thrust, Vertical (2). This would make it an easy fight where you just attack at the sides if it weren't for one thing: There are two of them. However, since they are both 2x2 bosses, they will occasionally overlap. It's best to try and attack at that time so you deal damage to both bosses at the same time. The reason for this is not so that you can finish the fight faster, that's just a side benefit. The real reason is that when one of the two Flame Urchins die, and the other is still alive, the living Flame Urchin will bring its deceased comrade back to life at the cost of a turn. Every. Single. Time. An easy method is to deal a lot of damage to both without killing the other. When they are both almost dead, find a way to attack them both at the same time, and they will finally be defeated.

Drops: Rainbow Tears Rainbow Tears (20%)


Golem (Chapter 9-10) SpearIcon
Golem Abilities
Avalanche, Area (1)
Tremor, All
LV35 16769 153 175 74 118
Golem's Tremor takes two turns to charge. The words Ground Slam will appear when Golem starts charging. On the next turn, all of your characters will be struck and move sporadically across the board as it shakes. Unlike other bosses, Golem is 100% vulnerable to sleep.

Drops: Golem (5%)

Stonefolk MageEdit

Stonefolk Mage (Chapter 10-4) StaffIcon FireIcon
Stonefolk Mage (Fire) Abilities
FireIcon Fire, 1 Column
FireIcon Fire, 3 Columns
FireIcon Fire, 5 Columns
FireIcon Fire, 7 Columns
LV40 4764 78 77 128 179
At the beginning of the fight, Stonefolk Mage will start in a position 2 rows from the bottom and 2 columns from the right. After your first attack, Stonefolk Mage will activate Fire, 1 Column, after which the phrase, "The flames rage hotter yet!" will appear. From then on, Stonefolk Mage will not move and his attacks range will increase from 3 Columns, to 5 Columns, and to 7 Columns after each time the phrase, "The flames rage hotter yet!" appears. After it uses Fire, 7 Columns, which covers the entire screen as long as he remains in the central two columns, he will begin to move and will immediately use it again. From then on, Stonefolk Mage will only use Fire, 7 Columns.

In order to take less damage during this fight, it's best to kill Stonefolk Mage as soon as possible, first because of the increasing range of his Fire, Column # attacks, and second because of the two Toxic Bomborgs that appear with him. It should be noted that the columns of Fire spread out an equal distance away from him while including the column that he is in. So for 3 Columns, 1 Column on both sides of Stonefolk Mage will be targeted. For 5 Columns, 2 columns on each side of him will be hit, and for 7 columns, 3 Columns on each side will be hit. As long as Stonefolk Mage is not in the two middle columns you will always have 1 or 2 columns that won't be affected on the opposite side of the screen.

Burnbot ReduxEdit

Burnbot Redux (Chapter 10-5) StaffIcon FireIcon
Burnbot Redux Abilities
FireIcon Fire, 1 Row
FireIcon Fiery Breath, 1 Row
Breath, Area (1)
FireIcon Fiery Fusillade, All
LV35 9269 80 140 203 156
Burnbot Redux starts in the center of the screen with two Fire Stonefolk Mages. As Burnbot can only attack horizontally in normal circumstances, it's best to take out the the two Mages to have more space to move if necessary. Burnbot's first move is to always use breath, which is non damaging, to move any characters close to it out of the way. On the next turn, the words, "Thermal Power at max in 3..." will appear and he'll begin to charge. During this time, eliminate the two Stonefolk Mages, as he will continue to countdown with "2..." and "1..." respectively. After "1..." he'll unleash his Fiery Fusilade, All on all characters, before it finally starts to move on the next turn. From that point on, it'll be able to charge it's Fiery Fusilade attack in one turn with the words, "Quick Charge in 1...".

Drops: Spirit Tears Spirit Tears (20%)

Time DevourerEdit

Time Devourer (Chapter 10-10) SpearIcon
Time Devourer Abilities
Devour Time, 4 Races
Breath, Area (1)
Turn Back Time, All
Charge, 1 Column
Breath Attack, Area (1)
LV36 21349 92 139 126 126
Time Devourer uses Devour Time to shorten the player's movement time to one second. On low health, Time Devourer will begin a countdown. If he is not killed in time, he will Turn Back Time, resurrecting two allies and healing himself to full. Lightning attacks result in the boss being "short-circuited and immobilized", thereby unable to steal time, attack or move.

Drops: Gungnir Gungnir (15%)

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