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The main stories of Terra Battle are divided into chapters. Each chapter contains a number of stages filled with enemies. When a chapter is finished for the first time, 1 energy is awarded, stamina is completely refilled and stamina increases by a fixed amount.

Story chaptersEdit

Part 1Edit

Part 1.5Edit

Part 2Edit

Special zonesEdit

Hunting ZonesEdit

Metal ZonesEdit

  • Metal Zone 1 (Levels 1–19) - unlocks after Chapter 2
  • Metal Zone 2 (Levels 20–29) - unlocks after Chapter 8
  • Metal Zone 3 (Levels 30–39) - unlocks after Chapter 12
  • Metal Zone 4 (Levels 40–49) - unlocks after Chapter 17
  • Metal Zone 5 (Levels 50–59) - unlocks after Chapter 21
  • Metal Zone 6 (Levels 60–69) - unlocks after Chapter 26
  • Metal Zone 7 (Levels 70–89) - unlocks after Chapter 30


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