Class or rarity is a categorization in Terra Battle that determines the overall strength of a Character or Companion.

Generally, higher ranking classes have better stats and skills, but this is not always the case. Higher classes also tend to be harder to obtain from the Tavern.


See also: Category:Class and Category:Companion classes

There are 7 classes, with Z being the highest and D being the lowest.

How to obtainEdit

Adventurers are Z, SS, S, A, and B classes. These characters tend to have access to up to three jobs. They can be obtained through the Pact of Truth, story progress or in-game events. A few Adventurers can also be obtained from the Pact of Fellowship.

Monsters are A, B, C, and D classes. These characters only have access to one job. They can be obtained through the Pact of Fellowship and from regular battles.

Companions are Z, SS, S, A, B, C, and D classes. They can be obtained through the Companions of Truth, Companions of Fellowship, through battles or in-game events.

Some characters and companions are promotional and cannot be obtained by regular means in-game. They can only be obtained through gift codes from external purchases or events.

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