The Companions of Hope is where players can spend 15 purchased Energy Energy to pick a guaranteed Companion and get 10 additional recruitments. It can be accessed from [Tavern] > [Event]. Players can only use the Companions of Hope once per event period.

NOTICE: Be wary of the difference between purchased energy and free energy. Energy purchased from the in-game shop comes as both purchased and free energy. Check the amount of purchased energy that you will receive before making the purchase. See the the rates from [Shop] > [Energy] or on the In-App Shop section of the article on Energy.

Guaranteed selection Edit

Selecting the button below "Make a Pact" will bring up the current selection of companions. Energy is not spent until a companion is selected and the confirmation pop-up is approved.

10 Pacts Edit

After confirming the selection, the player will perform a "10 times in a row" recruit from the Companions of Truth. This has the same list of available companions and all companions start at level 1.

Event history Edit

Lists of guaranteed companions per event:

July 7 – July 13 2017
Z Class Grand Ragnarok, Eternity Hourglass
SS Class Whitewyrm Wand, Shield of Genji, Ribbon, Rune, Bow of Genji
S Class Frog, Golem, Faerie, Hiso Alien (Companion), King, Frog's Shield, Golem's Shield, Faerie's Shield, Hiso's Shield, King's Shield
August 5 – August 8 2017
Z Class Holy Bow of Genji, Lewto Aura
SS Class Whitewyrm Wand, Shield of Genji, Ribbon, Rune
S Class Demon, Golem, Faerie, Hiso Alien (Companion), Pig, Demon's Shield, Golem's Shield, Faerie's Shield, Hiso's Shield, Pig's Shield
September 8 – September 12 2017
Z Class Zerro's Staff, Jennish's Staff
SS Class White Lamp, Ribbon, Rune, Bow of Genji
S Class Frog, Golem, Dragon, Hiso Alien (Companion), Frog's Shield, Golem's Shield, Dragon's Shield, Hiso's Shield

Trivia Edit

Choose one Companion from the list. Then get 10 more rare pulls for a total of 11 Companions!

*One time only during the event

— In-game text

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