The Companions of Hope is where players can spend 15 purchased Energy Energy to pick a guaranteed Companion and get 10 additional recruitments. It can be accessed from [Tavern] > [Event]. Players can only use the Companions of Hope once per event period.

NOTICE: Be wary of the difference between purchased energy and free energy. Energy purchased from the in-game shop comes as both purchased and free energy. Check the amount of purchased energy that you will receive before making the purchase. See the the rates from [Shop] > [Energy] or on the In-App Shop section of the article on Energy.

Guaranteed selection Edit

Selecting the button below "Make a Pact" will bring up the current selection of companions. Energy is not spent until a companion is selected and the confirmation pop-up is approved.

10 Pacts Edit

After confirming the selection, the player will perform a "10 times in a row" recruit from the Companions of Truth. This has the same list of available companions and all companions start at level 1.

Event history Edit

List of companions available for selection in each event:

July 20 – July 24 2018
Z Class Peyrna Sword, Kappa, Grand Rune
SS Class Whitewyrm Wand, Ragnarok, Bow of Genji
S Class Frog, Golem, Faerie, Hiso Alien, King, Demon, Frog's Shield, Golem's Shield, Faerie's Shield, Hiso's Shield, King's Shield, Demon's Shield
For all past events, see Companions of Hope/Events.

Trivia Edit

Choose one Companion from the list. Then get 10 more rare pulls for a total of 11 Companions!

*One time only during the event

— In-game text

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