Eidolons are supernatural beings that can be summoned in battle to aid the player.

Eidolons can only be summoned in Co-op Mode and VS Mode through the use of a summoning point. Tapping the screen during other players' turns will charge the summoning gauge, which will spawn a summoning point when full. The strength of the Eidolon is determined by the overall level of the player's team.

A list of all Eidolons owned by the player can be viewed from [Main] > [Eidolons].

Eidolons can be strengthened through the [Strengthen Eidolons] menu in the Tavern. Most Eidolons can be strengthened by using items found in Eidolon co-op quests.

List of EidolonsEdit

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These Eidolons are available to all players from the start of the game. They cannot be strengthened.

Co-op QuestEdit

These Eidolons can be obtained as rewards from co-op quests.


These Eidolons can only be obtained through purchases.

  • Xerxes (DLC with magazine)
  • Eir (DLC with magazine)

Stats Edit

An eidolon's level is set to owner's team level. Team level is computed as the average of 3 highest levels in the team or if the team contains only 2 characters, the average level of those two. The ATK and MATK is then set based on this level, using these formulas:

f = (level - 1)/(99 - 1)
ATK = floor([ATK at level 1] + ([ATK at level 99] - [ATK at level 1]) × f1.3)
MATK = floor([MATK at level 1] + ([MATK at level 99] - [MATK at level 1]) × f1.3)

where the known ATK/MATK are listed in the table below.

Eidolon ATK at level 1 ATK at level 99 MATK at level 1 MATK at level 99
Artemis 35 500 1 14
Bahamut 1 14 35 500
Chaos 1 14 35 500
Cosmic Healer Hiso 1 14 30 429
Cosmic Warrior Hiso 30 429 1 14
Eir 34 476 30 420
King Orbling 35 500 1 14
Lamia 1 14 35 500
Leviathan 1 14 35 500
Odin 35 500 1 14
Phoenix 1 14 35 500
Raijin 1 14 35 500
Valkyrie 35 500 1 14
Xerxes 34 476 34 476


  • Eidolons were introduced along with Co-op Mode in version 2.0.0.
  • The Eidolons fought in co-op quests are the only creatures with the "Eidolon" species.

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