Ellvern Λ
Class Z
Species Human
Gender Male
Artist Kimihiko Fujisaka

Job 1

Ellvern Λ StaffIconRemedy icon
Ellvern Λ

Job 1

LV 1 90
HP 606 5511
ATK 28 254
DEF 31 280
MATK 52 472
MDEF 52 474
LV 1
Skill icon 31 Venom Bomb, 30%
[Chain: Summon a bomb that explodes after 1 turn, dealing 30% of HP as damage (cap 600) and poisons with power 3 in its Area (1).]
LV 30
Skill icon 68 Control Time +4 Sec, Equip
[Passive: Extends this unit's move timer by 4 seconds.]
LV 50
Skill icon 82 Poison Predator, Poisoned, 30%
[Chain: Inflict x6 character-weapon damage to all poisoned enemies.]
LV 80
Skill icon 92 Corrosive Cloud, Diamond, 30%
[Chain: Apply paralysis and poison of power 3, 75% chance. Active for 3 turns.]
Recode DNA requirements

Skill slots

Available from skill slots
Job 1
Skill icon 49 Antidote, All, 100%
[Chain: Cure all allies of poison.]
Skill icon 11 Poison, Area (2), 100%
[Chain: Apply poison of power 2 for 3 turns with a 30% chance]
Skill icon 49 Poison Ward, Equip
[Passive: Immune to poison.]
Skill icon 68 Control Time +2 Sec, Chain, 30%
[Chain: Extends chained allies' move timers by 2 seconds for 2 turns.]
Job 2
Skill icon 29 Megaspear, 50%
[Pincer: Inflict x1 spear damage.]
Skill icon 32 Levitation, All, 100%
[Chain: All allies evade ground attacks and floor traps for 3 turns.]
Skill icon 29 Megaspear, 1 Column, 30%
[Chain: Inflict x1 spear damage on caster's column.]
Skill icon 81 Powered Point Amp, Equip
[Passive: Charge power points 20% faster.]
Job 3
Skill icon 04 Defense +10%, Equip
[Passive: Boost DEF by 10%.]
Skill icon 01 Giga Regen, Chain, 90%
[Chain: Applies Regen with power 2 (cap 600) for 3 turns.]
Skill icon 22 HP +20%, Equip
[Passive: Boost HP by 20%.]
Skill icon 11 Venom, 1 Column, 30%
[Chain: Applies poison with power 3 on caster's column for 3 turns with an 80% chance.]

Profile Edit

Ellvern is a boy widely hailed as a wunderkind. He hates schoolwork and people and utterly detests nitwit adults.

He raced through accelerated studies right to the cusp of earning a medical degree--and then blew it off as too much of a hassle. His only comment was "Meh."

Ellvern then devoted himself to the study of poisons. He devised a way to transform harmless substances into toxic ones, dubbing it the art of yin and yang.

He simultaneously developed the reverse technique as well but never revealed this to the public. While well aware of its potential to save countless victims from the ravages of poison, he kept it concealed.

The young prodigy considered this a challenge to adults: He who possesses the power of invention prevails.

This seemed to be an ambition he'd felt the need to achieve all along.


  • Ellvern Λ (Japanese: エルヴァーン・Λ Eruvān Λ)