Energy is the premium currency of Terra Battle. It can be obtained by purchasing it directly from the in-game [Shop], earning it through various in-game methods, as a bonus with an external purchase, or as a gift from the developers.

Using Energy Edit

Energy can be used to pull via the Pact of Fate, Pact of Truth or the Companions of Truth, completely restore Stamina, open the map's Metal Zones, and continue from a Game Over.

Use Cost
Pact of Fate (Energy) Energy 5
Pact of Truth Energy 5
Companions of Truth Energy 3
Fully restore Stamina Energy 1
Open Metal Zones for 1 hour Energy 1
Continue from a Game Over Energy 1

Earning Energy Edit

Reoccurring Edit

  • Consecutive Login Bonus (twice every 8 days)
    • 2 Energy on day 5
    • 3 Energy on day 8
  • Overall Login Bonus (after the 100th day)
    • 5 Energy every 50th day
  • Weekly Challenge (every 7 days)
    • 1 Energy for completing "Challenge 2"
    • 1 Energy for ranking in the top 5000
  • Daily Quests - Sweet Temptation (twice every 30 days)
    • 1 Energy on day 14
    • 1 Energy on day 26
  • VS Mode (during VS Events)
    • 2 Energy for promoting to A League
    • 3 Energy for promoting to S League
    • Varying amounts for ranking in the top 1000

One-time Edit

  • Overall Login Bonus
    • 5 Energy for day 1
    • 1 Energy for days 2, 3, 4, 5
    • 2 Energy for days 6, 7, 8, 9
    • 3 Energy for days 10, 30, 60
    • 5 Energy for day 100
  • Chapters
    • (38) 1 Energy for completing a chapter
  • Achievements
    • (7) 1 Energy for completing a "Chronicles" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "Way of the Sword" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "Way of the Spear" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "Way of the Bow" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "Way of the Staff" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "VS Veteran" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "VS Pro" achievement
    • (3) 1 Energy for completing a "Winning Streak" achievement
  • Co-op Mode First contact bonus
    • 20 Energy total for completing all 20 first contacts
  • Terra Battle Desktop (AndApp) - Referral codes
    • 5 Energy for inputting another player's referral code
    • 22 Energy total for successfully inviting 10 new players

Others Edit

  • Hunting the Jade Dragon event
    • Varying amounts for reaching a certain vanquish milestones
  • Gift from the admin
    • Varying amounts for special occasions (e.g. holidays, anniversaries, events, etc.)

In-App Shop Edit

US Dollar
Energy x1$0.99
Energy x6$3.99
Energy x14$7.99
Energy x30$15.99
Energy x62$31.99
Energy x100$42.99
Canadian Dollar
Energy x1$1.19
Energy x6$4.59
Energy x14$8.99
Energy x30$18.99
Energy x62$36.99
Energy x100$49.99
Energy x1€0.99
Energy x6€3.99
Energy x14€7.99
Energy x30€15.99
Energy x62€31.99
Energy x100€42.99
British Pound
Energy x1£0.79
Energy x6£2.99
Energy x14£5.99
Energy x30£11.99
Energy x62£23.99
Energy x100£32.99
Japanese Yen
Energy x1¥120
Energy x6¥480
Energy x14¥960
Energy x30¥1900
Energy x62¥3800
Energy x100¥5200

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On January 11, 2015, the prices for Energy were increased in Canada and parts of Europe. [1]
  • On April 10, 2015, the prices for Energy were decreased in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. [2]

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