Fire attacks are Fire elemental attacks which can be conducted by player characters or enemies in combat.

Fire attacks are super-effective against Ice-type elemental enemies.

Fire attacks are the weakest Fire-type attack. Inferno attacks are stronger followed by Solar Wind attacks, which are the strongest.

List of Fire Skills

Name Area of Effect Notes Characters
FireIconFire Arrows(none)Bow attack. Activated when leading.O'pari x3, Wyvern
FireIconFire Strike(none)Spear attack. Activated when leading.Koko, Pegawyrm
1 ColumnSpear attack. Activated when chaining.Koko
FireIconFire Blade(none)Sword attack. Activated when leading.Maralme, Amazora, Zan, Cyberclops
FireIconFire(none)Activated when chaining.Mage, Beastfolk Mage, Lizardfolk Mage, Stonefolk Mage, Mantle Tortoise, Pyrowisp, Red Starwhip, Suzaku
Pincer AreaActivated when chaining.Lewto, Bahamut, Daiana, Mantledrake, Mage, Beastfolk Mage, Lizardfolk Mage, Stonefolk Mage
Pincer Area (Column)Activated when chaining.Lewto, Bahamut
Vertical (2)Activated when chainingMantledrake
1 ColumnActivated when chainingPyrowisp
Area (1)Activated when chainingSuzaku