Gormandizer Hunt Tears

Gormandizer Hunt: Tears is a limited dungeon available through the Arena. Tear Hoarders drops a random tear, and Gormandizer drops both a random tear and ore. WARNING: Tear Hoarders will flee if you do not kill them immediately, so focus on them first!

Dungeon StatisticsEdit

Gormandizer Hunt: Tears
Stamina Cost: 20
Difficulty: 15-25
Battles: 4
XP: 0
XP/stam: 0
Coins: 180; 195 (w/Gormandizer)
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 0 StaffIcon: 12 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 0 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0


Hints and TipsEdit

"Gormandizer Hunt: Tears" features Tear Hoarders,
which flee after a single turn!
Eliminate them before they can and
you'll be awarded with one of the following:
Spirit Tears, Moon tears, Rainbow Tears, or
Sea Tears. Meanwhile, the Slime Bomber and
his team will assault you with an array of
obnoxious obstacles. Navigate through and wring
a few tears from them, too!

Occurrences Edit

  • This dungeon was first available November 13-16.
  • This dungeon returned December 30, 2014-January 4, 2015.
  • This dungeon returned April 7, 2015 (12AM GMT) - April 10, 2015 (11:59PM GMT).

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