For the companion, see Holy Dragon.

Holy Dragon is an enemy Celestial.

Holy Dragon
Boss 2x2
Species Celestial
Gender Unisex
Holy Dragon StaffIconSkill icon 113
Holy Dragon (Boss)
LV 99
HP 700634
ATK 798
DEF 2663
MATK 1235
MDEF 2828
Skill icon 58 Glimmering Portent
Locks on to targets of a photon attack.
Skill icon 58 Photonball, Locked-on
Inflict x1 photon and x1 character-weapon damage.
Skill icon 58 Photonball, Locked-on
Inflict x1 photon and x1 character-weapon damage. Knock foes back with power 1.
Skill icon 113 Holy Breath, Area (1)
Inflict x1 photon damage. Knock foes back with power 2.
Skill icon 75 Nullify Healing, All
Prevent recovery magic (100% chance) for 2 turns.
Skill icon 113 Holy Breath, 1 Column
Inflict x1 photon damage. Knock foes back with power 2.
Skill icon 113 Holy Breath, 1 Row
Inflict x1 photon damage. Knock foes back with power 2.
Status Vulnerability
Skill icon 11
Skill icon 12
Skill icon 13
Skill icon 21
Skill icon 37
Skill icon 40
Skill icon 47
Skill icon 48
Skill icon 59
Skill icon 61
Skill icon 90
Skill icon 109
Skill icon 19
Skill icon 20
Skill icon 25
Skill icon 27
EXP 551980
Coin 6280

Strategy Edit

Attack Pattern Edit


  • Graviton deals 180% damage
  • Photon heals the boss
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Darkness deal 10% damage
  • Non-elemental magic deals 30% damage
  • Physical deals 20% damage
  • Vulnerable to tap debuffs (Impair skills)


  • 1 Photon Generator
    • Summons two photon spheres, which deal photon damage to any unit being dragged through them
    • Defeating Photon Generator removes the photon spheres
  • Unused capsules turn into bombs after 1 turn
    • Bombs explode after 1 turn, dealing damage to Area (1)

Normal Pattern:

  • Turn 1: Move > Glimmering Portent
    • Targets 4 characters' locations
  • Turn 2: Photonball > move
  • Turn 3: Move > Glimmering Portent
  • Turn 4: Photonball > move
  • Turn 5: Holy Breath, Area (1) > Nullify Healing, All > move
  • Repeat

At 60% (~420,000 HP):

"The dragon ascends high into the sky."
  • Boss leaves the stage for 3 turns

Pattern A:

"Feathers drift down from the dragon's wings."
  • Turn 1: Summons 4–6 Dracofeathers
  • Turn 2: Summons 4–6 Dracofeathers
  • Turn 3: Summons 4–6 Dracofeathers
"The dragon coasts back down."
  • Boss returns to the stage and a 5-turn countdown appears
    • Any remaining Dracofeathers are consumed, reducing the countdown by 1 per Dracofeather
  • Boss has Levitation for the remainder of the battle
  • Summons 2 Holy Starwhip

Pattern B:

  • Turn 1: Holy Breath, 1 Column > move
  • Turn 2: Holy Breath, 1 Row > move
  • Turn 3: Holy Breath, 1 Column > Nullify Healing, All > move
  • Turn 4: Holy Breath, 1 Row > move
  • Boss flees when countdown reaches 0

General tips Edit

  • Graviton characters or Axion Dragon / Axion Dragon Z are required to deal significant damage to the boss.
    • Characters with high MATK and MATK buffers (e.g. Regenercell) are recommended when using only Axion Dragons.
  • If the boss is using Glimmering Portent (the targeting skill) when it goes under 60% HP, it will stay for an extra turn in order to execute Photonball before leaving the stage.

Quotes Edit

Photon spheres generated.

— Start

Capsules converted into bombs!

— Skill

The dragon ascends high into the sky.

— Start of pattern A

Feathers drift down from the dragon's wings.

Dracofeathers spawned

The dragon coasts back down.

— Start of pattern B


— End of countdown in pattern B

Dragon King Descended
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