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Current Hunting Zone
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Tin Parade

UTC-4 to UTC+14
Puppet Show

Last update: 09 Aug 2018 04:07 (UTC)

The Hunting Zone consists of various quests used to farm specific items or coins.

Any defeated enemy may drop a common item, rare item, or both. No experience is gained and, with the exception of Attack of the Coin Creeps, no coins are received from enemies in Hunting Zones.

The level of enemies in a hunting zone is scaled to the average level of your party within the range of that zone. The range for Hunting Zone 1 is levels 1-19, Zone 2 is levels 20-39, and so on. Having an average party level above the range of the zone DOES NOT lower the drop rate for items.

A boss may spawn for the final battle of a Hunting Zone stage along with several normal enemies. The boss has a breath attack, 2-row or 2-column attack each turn. If defeated, the boss can drop several items.

For more information on the Hunting Zones, see their respective pages.

Levels Edit

  • Hunting Zone 1 (unlocks after Chapter 3)
    • Levels 1-19
    • 10 stamina (Coin Creeps) / 5 stamina (others)
  • Hunting Zone 2 (unlocks after Chapter 9)
    • Levels 20-39
    • 15 stamina (Coin Creeps) / 8 stamina (others)
  • Hunting Zone 3 (unlocks after Chapter 18)
    • Levels 40-69
    • 20 stamina (Coin Creeps) / 10 stamina (others)

Hunting Zones Edit

Four different kinds of dungeons appear in the Hunting Zones. The availability of each dungeon changes daily, and each dungeon has different drops.

The rotation is based on the day of the week in the player's current time zone, so players in different time zones may have different dungeons available at the same time.

Day Zone Basic drop Rare
Monday Pudding Time, Tin Parade, and Puppet Show rotate hourly (varies) (varies)
Tuesday Pudding Time Attribute-type items Ores
Wednesday Tin Parade Weapon-type items Tears, Particles
Thursday Puppet Show Species-type items -
Friday Pudding Time, Tin Parade, and Puppet Show rotate hourly (varies) (varies)
Saturday Attack of the Coin Creeps Coins -
Sunday Attack of the Coin Creeps Coins -

Trivia Edit

  • In Version 4.5.0, the stamina costs of Pudding Time, Tin Parade, and Puppet Show were reduced. The stamina cost of Attack of the Coin Creeps did not change.
    • Hunting Zone 1: 10 > 5 stamina
    • Hunting Zone 2: 15 > 8 stamina
    • Hunting Zone 3: 20 > 10 stamina

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