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KINO World is an event quest available through the Arena.

Get ready for a special quest celebrating the release of Kino Takahashi's new comic compiling some of the greatest moments from her gameplay diaries.
(Kino's Comic - released only in Japan)

Challenge yourself to a boss rush consisting of four battles. You'll get free Energy for winning each of the battles for the first time, with up to 10 Energy available by completing all battles! Give it a go as many times as you would like during the event! Kino's characters won't go down easily, but try to beat them all!

— In-game tip

Preselected squad Edit

All characters are level 65 with 100% skill boost.

Quest Edit

Stamina Cost: 5
Difficulty: 65
Battles: 4
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 0 StaffIcon: 6 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 0 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0

In-game hint: No continues. In this quest, the battle is over once everyone is defeated.

Battle 1

  • Bomborg Kino Λ StaffIcon LV72 (Boss)
  • Orbling LV65 x4

Battle 2

  • Mechanic Ⅱ Kino Λ StaffIcon LV73 (Boss)
  • Invincible StaffIcon LV66 x4

Battle 3

  • Mr. Sudo LV74 (Boss)
  • Mustache LV67
  • Ministache LV65 x4

Battle 4

  • Kino Takahashi LV75 (Boss)
    • The battle ends when Kino Takahashi is defeated.
  • Hiso Alien LV66 x8

Rewards Edit

Clear rewards are sent to the Messages inbox.

  • 1 Energy Energy - first clear of Battle 1
  • 2 Energy Energy - first clear of Battle 2
  • 3 Energy Energy - first clear of Battle 3
  • 4 Energy Energy - first clear of Battle 4

Strategy Edit

Most non-boss enemies are weak against status effects. Utilize Kraken Kino Λ's paralysis attacks to keep enemies from attacking and reduce damage taken.

In battle 2, for every turn Mechanic Ⅱ Kino Λ remains alive, it will spawn a sushi obstacle. In battle 4, Kino Takahashi will consume these sushi and receive a boost to its stats. Quickly take down Mechanic Ⅱ Kino Λ to make battle 4 easier.

In battle 4, focus mainly on the boss, Kino Takahashi. The other enemies will disappear and the battle will be cleared after the boss is defeated.

A Kuscah NPC may spawn during one the battles. He will heal all allies and enemies within Area (1) range at the start of the enemy turn. After two turns, he will leave.

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