Each of your individual units will level up over time as they gain experience from battle. If a character dies during a quest, that character will still earn experience at the end of that quest provided it was cleared successfully. Leveling up will increase your unit's stats. Your characters will also learn new and more powerful abilities at certain level thresholds.

Each adventurer job and each monster can reach up to level 90. Level 90 units will continue earning experience until it requires 1 experience to reach the next level.

See also: Power Leveling


A stacking experience modifier is granted for each enemy you defeat in one turn beyond the first one. This bonus encompasses all actions of your squad performed in the battle phase of one turn, not just within a single pincer attack. Here is a simple overview of the experience gained by combos:

  • The first kill grants its base experience value (base XP).
  • The second kill grants 110% of its base XP.
  • The third kill grants 120% its base XP.
  • The fourth kill grants 130% its base XP.
  • Etc...

This bonus excludes enemies that die outside your turn, for example by taking damage from counterattacks, traps, or by another enemy's friendly fire. Those kills do award base XP, but do not count towards any combos. Summoned enemy units also count towards the combo even though they themselves only grant 1 base XP.

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