Lizardfolk Crest
No. 250
Class SS
Level Required 25
Upgrade EXP 2,843 × Level
Sell Price 400 × Level
Lizardfolk Crest Icon other 01
Lizardfolk Crest
LV 1 80
ATK 1 10
DEF 1 10
MATK 1 10
MDEF 1 10
Skill Freq. - -
SB Freq. -
Total EXP 2,274,416
Skill icon 92 Lizardfolk Crest, Equip
Boosts lizardfolk stats.
Passive: ATK, MATK, MDEF and DEF +10% (Lizardfolk only)
Evolve Companion

Description Edit

Only the mightiest of lizardfolk win the right to wear this crest.

It's infused with an arcane power that's said to stir the soul and tap hidden reserves of strength when worn by lizardfolk. There may be some correlation at the cellular level.

Issued by the International Lizardfolk Association.

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