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This page is about the recruitable character. For the enemy, see Lizardfolk Warrior (Enemy).
Lizardfolk Warrior
Class C
Species Lizardfolk
Gender Unisex

Job 1

Lizardfolk Warrior SwordIcon
Lizardfolk Warrior

Job 1

LV 1 90
HP 323 3534
ATK 30 298
DEF 23 250
MATK 12 119
MDEF 13 141
LV 1
Skill icon 28 Megasword, 50%
[Pincer: Inflict x1 sword damage.]
LV 18
Skill icon 04 Defense +5%, Equip
[Passive: Boost DEF by 5%.]
LV 35
Skill icon 03 Attack +5%, Equip
[Passive: Boost ATK by 5%.]
LV 60
Skill icon 28 Gigasword, 40%
[Pincer: Inflict x2 sword damage.]

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