Lowell is an ally that can be encountered in the The Last Story collaboration event.

Species Human
Gender Male
Artist Kimihiko Fujisaka

Stats and Skills

Lowell SwordIconIceIcon
LV 70
HP 3,323
ATK 205
DEF 227
MATK 302
MDEF 198
Skill icon 09 Ice Blade, 100%
Attack with a sword imbued with the power of ice.
Skill icon 09 Glacial Blade, 60%
Attack with a sword imbued with the power of ice.
Skill icon 42 1/3 Fire Damage, Area (2), 100%
Reduces fire damage to 1/3.

Profile (Wii)Edit

A mage who commands the power of ice. At first, Lowell seems like nothing more than a cynical skirt-chaser. However, underneath, he is a fiercely loyal individual who is also smart, witty and actually quite popular with the ladies.

Lowell is an optimist at heart and thinks of his friends as his own family — he cherishes the time spent with them. In combat he tends to use his magic, but he is also a talented swordsman.

Lowell is a battle-hardened all-rounder who can complement any team.

Quotes Edit

Hold your ground!

— Start of battle

See alsoEdit

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