Masaru Hatano

Masaru Hatano

Masaru Hatano is the scenario writer for Terra Battle. He founded the company SEVENTH Entertainment Inc. in 2014 and works as a freelance director, game designer and scenario writer. He did work for the games The Last Story, Super Robot Wars UX, Soul Sacrifice, and Cubic Ninja.

Download Starter 2Edit

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For the 2,100,000 downloads milestone of the Download Starter 2 campaign, Hatano will write a Terra Battle spinoff novel. The novel will feature cover art by Kimihiko Fujisaka and artwork by Manabu Kusunoki. It can be pre-ordered from these websites: Amazon JP, 7netshopping, rakuten

2-1m dl novel cover

Cover art for the novel
Image from: Terra Battle

Video: [Terra Battle Download Starter]2,100,000 Downloads - Masaru Hatano (YouTube)


Thank you for enjoying Terra Battle.
The 2.1 Million Download campaign is something I've been thinking about for a while now, hoping it could soon be realized.
That kind of distant dream--a dream contemplated while drinking with friends--is now coming to life. This has been realized thanks to all you fans. From the bottom of my heart, I'm sincerely thankful. But how is this happening so fast!
Seriously, I'm freaking out here.
Since I'm kicking off the new download starter, I'll do my best.
Please bear with me.

— Masaru Hatano, Terra Battle Download Starter