For the enemy, see Mog (Enemy). For other uses, see Mog (disambiguation).
No. 255
Class S
Level Required 25
Upgrade EXP 1,722 × Level
Sell Price 300 × Level
Mog Icon other 01
LV 1 60
ATK - -
DEF - -
MATK 1 15
MDEF 1 15
Skill Freq. 30% 100%
SB Freq. 100% (SB chance: 2%)
Total EXP 1,033,560
Skill icon 92 Mog's Devotion, Self
Boosts Magic Attack and Magic Defense 10% each.
Chain: MATK and MDEF +10%, 2 turns
Evolve Companion

Description Edit

I'll amplify your magic to give your spells some extra flair, kupo!

Mobius Final Fantasy
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