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8-Bit Golem Λ icon 8-Bit Golem Λ B Spear - Wild Beast
8-Bit Hiso Alien Λ icon 8-Bit Hiso Alien Λ B - - Wild Beast
8-Bit Orbling Λ icon 8-Bit Orbling Λ B Sword - Wild Beast
8-Bit Spinetrich Λ icon 8-Bit Spinetrich Λ B Spear Darkness Wild Beast
Androclops icon Androclops C Spear Ice Machine
Apirath icon Apirath A Staff - Machine
Arachnobot icon Arachnobot D Sword - Machine
Archer icon Archer C Bow - Human
Artemis Λ icon Artemis Λ S Bow - Eidolon
Assassin icon Assassin D Sword - Stonefolk
Axion Dragon Λ icon Axion Dragon Λ S Staff Graviton Celestial
Bahamut Kino Λ icon Bahamut Kino Λ B Staff Fire Dragon
Bone Killer icon Bone Killer A Staff - Wild Beast
Blade Falcon icon Blade Falcon A Sword - Wild Beast
Beastfolk Archer icon Beastfolk Archer C Bow - Beastfolk
Beastfolk Healer icon Beastfolk Healer C Staff Healing Beastfolk
Beastfolk Hero icon Beastfolk Hero B Sword - Beastfolk
Beastfolk Knight icon Beastfolk Knight C Spear - Beastfolk
Beastfolk Mage (Darkness) icon Beastfolk Mage (Darkness) C Staff Darkness Beastfolk
Beastfolk Mage (Fire) icon Beastfolk Mage (Fire) C Staff Fire Beastfolk
Beastfolk Mage (Ice) icon Beastfolk Mage (Ice) C Staff Ice Beastfolk
Beastfolk Mage (Lightning) icon Beastfolk Mage (Lightning) C Staff Lightning Beastfolk
Beastfolk Warrior icon Beastfolk Warrior C Sword - Beastfolk
Blastosaur icon Blastosaur C Bow - Dragon
Bomborg icon Bomborg C Staff - Wild Beast
Celestial Dragon icon Celestial Dragon A Spear - Dragon
Chaos Λ icon Chaos Λ S Staff Darkness Eidolon
Chargebot icon Chargebot D Staff Healing Machine
Chiton icon Chiton C Staff - Wild Beast
Cockatrice Λ icon Cockatrice Λ A - - Wild Beast
Cyberclops icon Cyberclops C Sword Fire Machine
Cybergolem icon Cybergolem B Sword - Machine
Dark Pegawyrm icon Dark Pegawyrm B Sword Darkness Dragon
Dark Petrifier icon Dark Petrifier C Staff Darkness Machine
Dark Tortoise icon Dark Tortoise C Spear - Wild Beast
Devil Bat icon Devil Bat C Bow - Wild Beast
Electrosapper icon Electrosapper C Staff - Machine
Ethereal icon Ethereal A Spear - Wild Beast
Flamebot icon Flamebot C Sword - Machine
Floralpede icon Floralpede C Spear - Wild Beast
Fortified Oxsecian Bulwark icon Fortified Oxsecian Bulwark A Bow Lightning Machine
Golem icon Golem B Spear - Wild Beast
Golden Arachnobot icon Golden Arachnobot A Sword - Machine
Healer icon Healer C Staff Healing Human
Holy Dragon Λ icon Holy Dragon Λ S Staff Photon Celestial
King Orbling Λ icon King Orbling Λ S - - Eidolon
Joker Λ icon Joker Λ Z Staff - Celestial
Knight icon Knight C Spear - Human
Kraken icon Kraken A Bow - Wild Beast
Kraken Kino Λ icon Kraken Kino Λ B Bow - Wild Beast
Kujata icon Kujata C Staff Healing Wild Beast
Lamia Λ icon Lamia Λ S Staff Remedy Eidolon
Layla icon Layla A Staff Ice Dragon
Leonidas icon Leonidas A Staff Fire Wild Beast
Leviathan Kino Λ icon Leviathan Kino Λ B Staff Ice Dragon
Lich icon Lich A Sword - Wild Beast
Lich Kino Λ icon Lich Kino Λ B Staff Darkness Wild Beast
Lizardfolk Archer icon Lizardfolk Archer C Bow - Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Healer icon Lizardfolk Healer C Staff Healing Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Hero icon Lizardfolk Hero B Spear - Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Knight icon Lizardfolk Knight C Spear - Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Mage (Darkness) icon Lizardfolk Mage (Darkness) C Staff Darkness Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Mage (Fire) icon Lizardfolk Mage (Fire) C Staff Fire Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Mage (Ice) icon Lizardfolk Mage (Ice) C Staff Ice Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Mage (Lightning) icon Lizardfolk Mage (Lightning) C Staff Lightning Lizardfolk
Lizardfolk Warrior icon Lizardfolk Warrior C Sword - Lizardfolk
Mage (Darkness) icon Mage (Darkness) C Staff Darkness Human
Mage (Fire) icon Mage (Fire) C Staff Fire Human
Mage (Ice) icon Mage (Ice) C Staff Ice Human
Mage (Lightning) icon Mage (Lightning) C Staff Lightning Human
Magma Mummy icon Magma Mummy D Staff Healing Wild Beast
Mantle Tortoise icon Mantle Tortoise C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Mantledrake icon Mantledrake B Staff Fire Dragon
Manticlaw icon Manticlaw A Sword - Machine
Marilith icon Marilith A Sword - Wild Beast
Marilith Kino Λ icon Marilith Kino Λ B Sword - Wild Beast
Mech Orbling icon Mech Orbling C Sword - Machine
Mechaclops icon Mechaclops C Bow Lightning Machine
Mechanic icon Mechanic C Staff Healing Machine
Mechanic Kino Λ icon Mechanic Kino Λ B Staff Healing Machine
Mecharose icon Mecharose C Spear - Machine
Mechavirus 3721 icon Mechavirus 3721 C Staff - Cell
Mediscanner icon Mediscanner B Staff Healing Machine
Megacell icon Megacell B Staff Ice Cell
Mermaid icon Mermaid C Staff Lightning Wild Beast
Mothbot icon Mothbot C Staff - Machine
Odin Kino Λ icon Odin Kino Λ B Spear - Celestial
Onyx Dragon icon Onyx Dragon A Staff Darkness Dragon
Paralypede icon Paralypede C Staff - Wild Beast
Pegawyrm icon Pegawyrm B Spear Fire Dragon
Phi Orbling icon Phi Orbling D Sword Fire Machine
Phoenix (Eidolon) icon Phoenix Λ S Staff Healing Eidolon
Primordial Dragon Λ icon Primordial Dragon Λ S - - Celestial
Pyrowisp icon Pyrowisp C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Raijin Λ icon Raijin Λ S Staff Lightning Eidolon
Rascal★ icon Rascal★ B - - Wild Beast
Red Starwhip icon Red Starwhip C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Regenercell icon Regenercell B Staff Healing Cell
Relic icon Relic A Staff Graviton Riftworlder
Sabertooth icon Sabertooth D Spear - Wild Beast
Sabertooth King icon Sabertooth King B Spear - Wild Beast
Scar icon Scar A Sword - Wild Beast
Slasher icon Slasher D Sword - Wild Beast
Slime Slug icon Slime Slug D Spear - Wild Beast
Slugosaur Kino Λ icon Slugosaur Kino Λ B Bow - Dragon
Snaptrap icon Snaptrap A Staff - Wild Beast
Spinetrich icon Spinetrich D Spear Lightning Wild Beast
Spinetrich Kino Λ icon Spinetrich Kino Λ B Spear Lightning Wild Beast
Starwhip icon Starwhip C Staff Healing Wild Beast
Steel Dragon icon Steel Dragon A Staff Remedy Dragon
Stonefolk Archer icon Stonefolk Archer C Bow - Stonefolk
Stonefolk Healer icon Stonefolk Healer C Staff Healing Stonefolk
Stonefolk Knight icon Stonefolk Knight C Spear - Stonefolk
Stonefolk Mage (Darkness) icon Stonefolk Mage (Darkness) C Staff Darkness Stonefolk
Stonefolk Mage (Fire) icon Stonefolk Mage (Fire) C Staff Fire Stonefolk
Stonefolk Mage (Ice) icon Stonefolk Mage (Ice) C Staff Ice Stonefolk
Stonefolk Mage (Lightning) icon Stonefolk Mage (Lightning) C Staff Lightning Stonefolk
Stonefolk Warrior icon Stonefolk Warrior C Sword - Stonefolk
Storm Witch icon Storm Witch A Staff Lightning Wild Beast
Suzaku icon Suzaku C Staff Fire Wild Beast
Thornasaurus icon Thornasaurus D Bow - Wild Beast
Tiamat icon Tiamat A Staff - Dragon
Tiamat Kino Λ icon Tiamat Kino Λ B Staff - Dragon
Triscorp icon Triscorp C Spear - Wild Beast
Vajra (Monster) icon Vajra (Monster) A Staff Lightning Dragon
Valkyrie Λ icon Valkyrie Λ S Sword - Eidolon
Vial Chucker icon Vial Chucker C Staff - Stonefolk
Wailing Wall icon Wailing Wall C Spear - Wild Beast
Warrior icon Warrior C Sword - Human
Wastecell icon Wastecell C Staff - Cell
White Sabertooth icon White Sabertooth C Spear - Wild Beast
Whitewyrm icon Whitewyrm B Bow - Dragon
Wyvern icon Wyvern D Bow Fire Dragon

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