Neo Odin is the boss of Odin Evolved.


Neo Odin
Boss 2x2
Species Celestial
Gender Unisex
Neo Odin SpearIcon
Odin job2
LV 54
HP 35106
ATK 242
DEF 694
MATK 176
MDEF 1957
Skill icon 29 Thrust Away, Vertical (2)
Attack with a spear.
Skill icon 29 Thrust Away, Cross (All)
Attack with a spear.
Skill icon 33 Breath Attack, Vertical (2)
Knock foes back and inflict physical damage.
Skill icon 23 Impair Skills, Area (1)
Reduces skill frequency -100%.
Skill icon 31 Summon Bomb
Plant a bomb.
Skill icon 29 Zantetsuso, All
Inflicts devastating damage with a single blow.
Skill icon 60 Life Drain, All
Absorb HP from foes.
Status Vulnerability
Skill icon 11
Skill icon 12
Skill icon 13
Skill icon 21
Skill icon 37
Skill icon 40
Skill icon 47
Skill icon 48
Skill icon 59
Skill icon 61
Skill icon 90
Skill icon 109
Skill icon 19
Skill icon 20
Skill icon 25
Skill icon 27
EXP 889
Coin 34


Resistances: Odin receives 90% less damage from fire, ice, and darkness attacks, and 80% less damage from lightning attacks. All the other enemies also have very high MDEF, so elemental attacks will be fairly weak.

Uses the following skills repeatedly in order:

  • Turn 1: Thrust Away, Vertical or Breath Attack, then move
  • Turn 2:
    • If on Turn 1 Odin used Thrust Away, Vertical, then Thrust Away, Cross and move
    • If on Turn 1 Odin used Breath Attack, then Impair Skills and move
  • Turn 3: "Odin's spearhead gleams with an otherworldly light...", then move (starts glowing).
  • Turn 4: Zantetsuso, then Summon Bomb
  • Turn 5: Thrust Away, Vertical or Breath Attack
  • Turn 6: Life Drain, then move
  • Turn 7: Summons reinforcements, then Thrust Away, Vertical or Breath Attack, then move
  • Repeat from Turn 2

Kill off the minions if needed; he will summon more on turn 7 even if any are still alive. Use a horizontal pincer on turn 1, then avoid being in range of Area for turn 2 unless you have power points available. After Zantetsuto, avoid proximity of the bombs and Odin's vertical. If you are not close to killing him, try your best to avoid healing since Life Drain will set you back to 1 HP but also heal Odin back up. Units with Regen or self heals will be sub-optimal here, so either unequip them or try to bring other units. This point is moot if you are able to kill Odin within 6 turns.

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