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Odin Descended is a limited dungeon available through the Arena. It features the S-class celestial knight, Odin, as a recruitable boss. It was first made available December 19-29, 2014.

Unlike other units recruitable through battle, recruiting an additional Odin only results in a 3% increase in Skill Boost rather than 5%.

Dungeon StatisticsEdit

Odin Descended
Stamina Cost: 15
Difficulty: 25
Battles: 5
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 22 StaffIcon: 3 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 0 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0

Battle 1


Battle 2


Battle 3


Battle 4


Battle 5

Odin (Boss)EinheriEinheriFrekiStage-2002-01-05

Rewards Edit

  • Odin icon Odin - Odin (20%, if Odin has not been recruited)
  • One Companion (30%):

Luck Treasure Chests Edit

Note: This is an incomplete list. Please contribute by adding missing drops.
Chest Possible Rewards
A Coins 250 Coins, Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel, Terra Spearbronze Terra Spearbronze, Terra Bowstring Terra Bowstring, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood
B Coins 250 Coins, Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel, Terra Spearbronze Terra Spearbronze, Terra Bowstring Terra Bowstring, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood
C Coins 500 Coins, Terra Swordsteel Terra Swordsteel, Terra Spearbronze Terra Spearbronze, Terra Bowstring Terra Bowstring, Terra Staffwood Terra Staffwood
D Metal Ticket Metal Ticket, Fellowship Ticket Fellowship Ticket, Companion Ticket Companion Ticket
Luck 80 Odin icon Odin, Iron Spear icon Iron Spear, Metal Minion icon Metal Minion
Luck 100 Odin icon Odin, Iron Spear icon Iron Spear



It's a memory of the future--
deja vu of a day yet to come.

Your vision warps and blurs, and you find
yourselves in a world ravaged by howling storms.

Savage gales are razing everything in sight,
shredding and splintering all to dust.


That simple and honest reaction is an apt
description for this wild, forbidding place.

This is the great hall of the Allfather,
he who presides over the creation and
annihilation of all things.

Before OdinEdit

"What know ye of life and death?"

A voiceless voice resonates in your heads.

"Whence does life come and whither does it go?"

The voiceless voice goes on.

"Ye shall not find the Maker here."


"Life is a nightmare without end."

The Allfather seems to be testing you.

"To pursue the Maker is to pursue the grave."

Your party replies without hesitation:

"We seek the Maker nonetheless."

"We are the keepers entrusted with worlds of
her making--emissaries of the Maker, as it were.
I am called Odin."

With power that surpasses even mine own,
ye may well reach the Maker, he says.

Whether what awaits beyond is truly what you
seek remains to be seen, however.

The fate of all life on this world hinges on
the answer.

The worlds of the Allfather brim with love,
seeking to illuminate the world.

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