This is a comprehensive list of Recode DNA requirements.

Recodeable Character Recoded Character Required Monsters Required Items Required Coins
Samatha icon Samatha Samatha Λ icon Samatha Λ 30000
Olber icon Olber Olber Λ icon Olber Λ 30000
Yukken icon Yukken Yukken Λ icon Yukken Λ 30000
A'misandra icon A'misandra A'misandra Λ icon A'misandra Λ 30000
Koko icon Koko Koko Λ icon Koko Λ 30000
Lewto icon Lewto Lewto Λ icon Lewto Λ 30000
Piz'fer icon Piz'fer Piz'fer Λ icon Piz'fer Λ 30000
Jennish icon Jennish Jennish Λ icon Jennish Λ 30000
Zerro icon Zerro Zerro Λ icon Zerro Λ 30000
Bahamut icon Bahamut Bahamut Λ icon Bahamut Λ 30000
Leviathan icon Leviathan Leviathan Λ icon Leviathan Λ 30000
Odin icon Odin Odin Λ icon Odin Λ 30000
Lich icon Lich Lich Λ icon Lich Λ 20000
Marilith icon Marilith Marilith Λ icon Marilith Λ 20000
Gegonago icon Gegonago Gegonago Λ icon Gegonago Λ 30000
Alika icon Alika Alika Λ icon Alika Λ 30000
Pupropé icon Pupropé Pupropé Λ icon Pupropé Λ 30000
Rejin icon Rejin Rejin Λ icon Rejin Λ 30000
Lucia icon Lucia Lucia Λ icon Lucia Λ 30000
Jaguna icon Jaguna Jaguna Λ icon Jaguna Λ 30000
Amazora icon Amazora Amazora Λ icon Amazora Λ 30000
Ellvern icon Ellvern Ellvern Λ icon Ellvern Λ 30000
Nakupí icon Nakupí Nakupí Λ icon Nakupí Λ 30000
Bonna icon Bonna Bonna Λ icon Bonna Λ 30000
Gatz icon Gatz Gatz Λ icon Gatz Λ 30000
Palpa icon Palpa Palpa Λ icon Palpa Λ 10000
Eileen icon Eileen Eileen Λ icon Eileen Λ 20000
Suoh icon Suoh Suoh Λ icon Suoh Λ 30000
Camellia icon Camellia Camellia Λ icon Camellia Λ 30000
Korin icon Korin Korin Λ icon Korin Λ 20000
Sh'berdan icon Sh'berdan Sh'berdan Λ icon Sh'berdan Λ 20000
Daiana icon Daiana Daiana Λ icon Daiana Λ 20000
Mizell icon Mizell Mizell Λ icon Mizell Λ 30000
Amina icon Amina Amina Λ icon Amina Λ 30000
Burbaba icon Burbaba Burbaba Λ icon Burbaba Λ 20000
Kem icon Kem Kem Λ icon Kem Λ 20000
S'naip icon S'naip S'naip Λ icon S'naip Λ 20000
Lacuma icon Lacuma Lacuma Λ icon Lacuma Λ 30000
Sha'plar icon Sha'plar Sha'plar Λ icon Sha'plar Λ 30000
Bahl icon Bahl Bahl Λ icon Bahl Λ 20000
A'merpact icon A'merpact A'merpact Λ icon A'merpact Λ 20000
Ra'prow icon Ra'prow Ra'prow Λ icon Ra'prow Λ 20000
Nia icon Nia Nia Λ icon Nia Λ 30000
Grace icon Grace Grace Λ icon Grace Λ 20000
Invincible icon Invincible Invincible Λ icon Invincible Λ 30000
Senala icon Senala Senala Λ icon Senala Λ 30000
Clara icon Clara Clara Λ icon Clara Λ 30000
Echo icon Echo Echo Λ icon Echo Λ 30000
Seiryu icon Seiryu Seiryu Λ icon Seiryu Λ 10000
Velraine icon Velraine Velraine Λ icon Velraine Λ 20000
Dracorin icon Dracorin Dracorin Λ icon Dracorin Λ 20000
Nazuna icon Nazuna Nazuna Λ icon Nazuna Λ 30000

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