Sayu ΟⅡ
No. 326
Class Z
Level Required 1
Upgrade EXP 2,500 × Level
Sell Price 450 × Level
Sayu ΟⅡ Icon other 01
Sayu ΟⅡ
LV 1 80
ATK 1 10
DEF 1 10
MATK 1 10
MDEF 1 10
Skill Freq. 0% 100%
SB Freq. 30% (SB chance: 6%)
Total EXP 12,719,561
Skill icon 134 Dispell Warphole, Self + Column 1
While active, immune to Warphole. Cancels Warphole on Column 1.
Chain: Destroys dimensional rifts on Vertical (1) and become immune to them (self) for 2 turns.
Evolve Companion

Description Edit

A magical appliance that sprays liquids with special powers, bringing about a variety of effects. There are only a handful of these in existence, as they can only be obtained through custom order. But hardly anyone uses them in battle; most prefer to use them for decorative purposes only.

Notes Edit

  • Can only be equipped by Sayu.

Trivia Edit