Syrenne is an ally that can be encountered in the The Last Story collaboration event. She starts the battle at 988 / 2,753 HP.

Species Human
Gender Female
Artist Kimihiko Fujisaka

Stats and Skills

Syrenne SwordIcon
LV 68
HP 2,753
ATK 271
DEF 214
MATK 121
MDEF 143
Skill icon 05 Counterattack, 30%
Counter pincer attacks.
Skill icon 28 Gigasword, 30%
Attack with a sword.
Skill icon 28 Gigasword, 30%
Attack with a sword.
Skill icon 13 Shadow Stitch, 30%
Stops foes in their tracks with a paralyzing blow.

Profile (Wii)Edit

A feisty warrior who specializes in a fighting style that uses two blades simultaneously. Syrenne is the heart and soul of any party and helps make life a little bit brighter for Zael and his friends.

She is foul-mouthed and probably drinks a bit too much, but when it comes to looking after her friends, none can compare. Above all, Syrenne loves a good fight and will charge into any battle without fear or regret.

Quotes Edit

No way we're going down!

— At start of battle if Zael did not hit Calista on Floor 1

Don't do anything stupid!

— Before fleeing at start of battle (Zael hit Calista on Floor 1)

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