The desktop version of Terra Battle was released on April 5, 2017 and is available through AndApp. Currently, the AndApp website and launcher are only available in Japanese, but once installed, Terra Battle can still be played in any of its available languages.

Version differences Edit

The desktop version is a direct port of the mobile game, and both versions share the same servers and events.

  • Referral codes and gift codes are re-enabled on the desktop version.
    • Referral codes on the desktop version are separate from the mobile version, so they may be redeemed again even if the player had completed all referrals previously.
  • Recording videos is not available on the desktop version.
  • Purchased Energy on the desktop and mobile versions are kept separate and will not transfer over to the other version.
    • Gifted Energy is available from both versions without any restrictions.
    • The different types of Energy can be seen from: [Options] > [User Info].
  • Players can access the same account from both the desktop version and one mobile version without the need of using a transfer code and password to move the account back and forth. However, only one instance can be open at a time.

Pre-registration gift Edit

Pre-registration was available from August 2016 until April 4, 2017. Players who pre-registered for the desktop version using their e-mail or an SMS account received a unique gift code for the Sasuke's Sword companion upon release. The code was sent to the inbox of whichever service the player used to pre-register.

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