Mistwalker took part in their first ever fanart banner contest In this concluded event, players were invited to design and share their own Terra Battle image banner that could be featured in future in-game notices!

If you have created ANY Terra Battle Fan Art, we'd love to see it! Please upload your work to the wiki and embed them in this section below.

Terra Battle Banner Contest SubmissionsEdit

Check out this awesome collection of banner images that users submitted to a concluded Mistwalker Fan Art Banner contest. Click on each of the banners to see them in their full size. These are just a small sample of what users have created!

UPDATE: New submissions have been added to the gallery on Feb 24th, 2015.
UPDATE #2 The last and final round of submissions have been added to the gallery on March 4th, 2015. Awesome work from all of you!
FINAL UPDATE: Mistwalker has formally announced the winners to the contest! To the winners out there, please check your email and spam folders to see if Mistwalker has contacted you.

Featured Submissions: 97

TB 321stars


TB hth


TB jonathanL

Jonathan L.

TB Nanadaime


TB sugaray2


TB Tracy


For a complete list of submitted banners, please visit the More Submissions page

Submit Your Own Fan ArtEdit

Have a banner or your own fan art image you'd like to show off ? Upload it to the wiki and place it here in this section! We hope to see your awesome work soon!

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