The Boss is an ally who may appear in the Tropical Haze daily quest under certain conditions.


The Boss
Species Human
Gender Unisex
Artist Ami Shibata

Stats and Skills

The Boss StaffIcon
The Boss
LV 99
HP 9,990
ATK 450
DEF 430
MATK 310
MDEF 430
Skill icon 92 Rush Schedule
Pushes deadlines forward.


Shall I lend a hand?

— The Boss appears

You can take it from here. Ciao!

— The Boss leaves


  • The Boss was designed by Ami Shibata as a part of the 1.1 million downloads milestone.
  • The Boss only appears in Battle 3 of Tropical Haze if the player has lost any characters in the previous Battles.
    • The Boss will leave just before the start of the player's third turn.
  • Rush Schedule can activate in chain and targets random enemies to be defeated instantly.
    • The Lv 84 Tanno are not affected by this skill.

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