The Hunt For Joker banner

The Hunt For Joker is an event quest available through the Arena. Attempts to clear the quest can be made any number of times within the event period. However, once it's cleared, the quest is removed from the Arena for the rest of the duration of the event.

The Hunt For Joker is a special quest that you can try any number of times until you clear it. Defeat the boss and Joker Λ will drop!

Joker Λ is a special wild card that can be used as a material monster to Recode DNA of ANY character!

Get Joker Λ and try to Recode your favorite characters!

— In-game tip

Quest Edit

Stamina Cost: 5
Difficulty: 65
Battles: 1
SwordIcon: 0 BowIcon: 0 SpearIcon: 0 StaffIcon: 2 Skill icon 136: 0 Skill icon 137: 0
FireIcon: 0 IceIcon: 0 LightningIcon: 0 DarkIcon: 0 Skill icon 113: 0 Skill icon 114: 0

In-game hint: All characters synced to level 65 automatically. Beware floor traps


Rewards Edit

  • Joker Λ icon Joker Λ (100%)
    • Additional recruitments grant a 10% skill boost and 10 Luck.