Yoko Shimomura is a Japanese video game composer. Since 1988, she has been producing music for a wide variety of games spanning multiple companies. From then until 1993, she worked for Capcom, where she composed wholly or in part the scores for 16 games, including Final Fight and Street Fighter II.

From 1993 to 2002 Shimomura worked for Square, where she composed eight games. While working for Square, she was best known for her work on the soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts. After leaving Square, she has become an active freelancer.

As a part of the Download Starter, Shimomura produced new music for Terra Battle after the game reached 1.7 million total downloads. Two of her tracks are featured as the battle music in the eidolon Lamia's Co-op quest. One of these tracks are also used as the battle music for the Hunting the Jade Dragon event quest.

Video: [Terra Battle Download Starter]1,700,000 Downloads Message from Yoko Shimomura (YouTube)